Zoey Murphy Houser

Zoey Murphy Houser (she/they) is a creative living & working in the Finger Lakes Region of Western New York. In 2015 she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, along with a Minor in Art History.
She is known for her motivational “You Can Do THE THING!” pottery, pet portrait pottery, moon mountain mugs, moon mountain / happy mountain mugs, & her Patchwork Animal sculptures. 
“My pottery is a process-based manifestation of hyper-fixations - the imagery I render on my forms varies depending on my current fascinations. I explore the use of different techniques such as Sgraffito, Mishima, painting, carving, & slip trailing to enhance my imagery & provide different textures to my work. I strive to create a tactile experience between the user of my functional ware & the ware itself. 
Pottery is meant to hold & be held - as such, it is important for my work to be appealing to the eye, whilst also feeling good to the touch. When using a piece of pottery, a moment of connection is formed between the user & the artist who created the piece - the user is able to connect physically with a manifestation of the artist's creativity & inner self that cannot be expressed in any other way. This thought follows me throughout my creative process.”