Yih-Wen Kuo

Born in Taiwan, Yih-Wen Kuo began his studies at the National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan, where he received his Bachelor's degree. Upon completing his MFA study at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale in 1988, he was awarded an art residency at The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, PA, under Franklin Mint Fellowship. In 2021, he retired with an Emeritus professorship from Northern Illinois University after 31 years of art teaching. Over the years, he has participated in over 200 exhibitions and numerous international symposiums, including Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Poland, Taiwan, and Korea. He has traveled and researched ceramics in China and Japan. He also received Fellowships from the Illinois Arts Council and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. His works are in many private and public collections, including the Everson Museum of Art, Daum Museum of Contemporary Art, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum, National Museum of History, etc.

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