Will Hinton

Hinton grew up in the cypress swamps and peanut vines of northeastern North Carolina, in the small town of Gatesville. It is his goal to honor the gesture of this untamed natural rural environment. He is at home in this twist and turn of vines, dancing for position to catch both the nourishment of the rain and the warmth of the sun.   
“I enjoy the visual chaos, the juxtaposition of an assortment of patterns, ranging from textiles, to mosaics, to historical ceramics. You will notice Chintz components from India, Oribe nature elements from Japan, English slipware, Mimbres Native American linear patterns, stylized ornamentation from British designer Owen Jones, and over-glaze components from Spanish and Italian Majolica. These remnants combine for a syncopation of surface decoration which is not that dissimilar from the quilts which the women in my family have made over the past 100 years. My goal is for each platter to be a celebration.”