Wendy Eggerman

I make pottery to brighten your day and elevate the moment.

My inspiration is found in the kitchen and enhanced by my love of antiques. Hobnail glass and lace are my greatest influences. I love the tactile quality of the dots and how they fit on the pots. While making pottery, I imagine how it would fit in a 1930s farmhouse. Soft, dusty colors, with simple, sturdy forms. Pottery that is decorated and beautiful, but always practical. Many homes during the 1930s did not have much, but often still took pride in a lace table cloth, and a few nice pieces of china or glass. I believe that people don't need much to be content, but do need to surround themselves with quality, meaningful, objects.

One thing I particularly enjoy about antiques is how they subtly record the past. Objects record their story with every stain, scratch, rust, tarnish, and carry that with them. On my pieces the thin surface of terra sigillata allows bits of texture to show through and become the start of the pots story. Over time the terra sigillata surface will patina and as the piece gets used, will continue to record that use. Overall, I work to create functional pottery with a depth that will be revealed over time and use.