Susan Filley

I work with porcelain. Once fired, it becomes such a luscious dense material that I find infinitely intriguing - dense, bright, and alluring when translucent. I have been making pots for over 40 years. The functionality of the craft first totally enchanted me. But now, for much of my work, and for many of us, we are making pots that are most often not used, save for their enticing ‘aesthetic’ function. My work is no longer just about utility, they are a wider range of ideas. But I always strive to make beautiful pots, however they may be used or be enjoyed. And this raises the bar quite high. I make many forms, using both the wheel and hand building. I love to make cups that perfectly fit both the hand and the lip. I think bowls can serve well or simply delight from where they sit. My traditional thrown vessels and vases are simple in form and wonderfully rich in glazing opportunities. The most complicated forms are the gestural and dancing teapots and highly altered and sculpted vase forms.