Suri Poulos

I focus on practical ceramic forms, such as bowls, plates and cups and aim to bring art and beauty to everyday activities. My hope is to encourage reflection and discovery of new details and small surprises with every use of my pottery. The elegant, simple forms I create provide a canvas to highlight colour and pattern and are inspired by fabrics, from Herringbone to Chintz. Central to my method is the Nerikomi technique, which embeds intricate coloured clay patterns within the porcelain clay body, rather than applied to the surface. With minimal planning of the patterns I create, I relish the happy accidents and surprises that occur in the Nerikomi process. The hours whiz by when I am working in my studio with my hands, experimenting and refining.
I have always made time for art in my life. My mother and grandmother were artists. My undergraduate degree is in Fine Art, from Rhode Island School of Design where I majored in painting and printmaking.

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