Samantha Momeyer

My color palette is influenced by the rich colors of Alaska and Montana: the low-angled, honey-laden light that casts the mountains into shades of pink and purple, the aquamarine glint of glacial ice, the orange lichen that covers alpine rocks like rust on a coal car. The uneven peaks of a pinched seam and tool marks intentionally left behind capture the memory of still-malleable clay. Textures resembling rock and parched earth give the hands a tactile world to explore while colored clay inclusions speckle the surface like polychromatic lichen, creating variation remeniscent of my woodfiring-roots. My forms are inspired by the architectural landscape of my Pittsburgh childhood, with elements of exaggeration in line and shape borrowed from skateboard graphics, the flow of a well built skate park, and graffiti. It is through a combination of color, texture, and form inspired by beauty found in both the city and wilderness that I hope to make a landscape that is a refuge for the viewer during the rhythm of daily use.