Sally Garcia

Sally R. Garcia, “Gah-Wee-Nah-Zah” (running brook), is a full blooded Native American Indian. She was born in 1940 into the Laguna Pueblo. Sally was inspired to continue a long lived tradition of working with pottery from within her heart. She strongly believes in keeping tradition alive and prosperous. She began carving on pottery at the age of 19 in 1959. Sally is credited as the first pioneer for hand etchings on ceramic pottery. Sally specializes in hand etching animals, Mudheads (clowns), flowers, and mimbres designs on ceramic pottery. Much of Sally’s etchings are stories of nature, which she is very proud and inspired by. She etches her designs with a simple tool, like a carving blade. Sally uses no stencils or other means to etch her intricate etchings. She currently is concentrating on etching ceramic horse hair pottery. Her etchings add a unique flare and compliment the horse hair pottery quite nicely. Sally has definitely proven herself as a true artisan with her intricate etch work. She signs her art work as: SGarcia, Laguna, N.M. or as: Sally R. Garcia, Laguna, N.M.