Rookwood Pottery

Founded on Thanksgiving Day in 1880 by Maria Longworth Storer, Rookwood made history – the first large manufacturing enterprise founded and owned by a woman in the United States and launching the art pottery movement in America. Within a decade, Rookwood pottery gained international acclaim, rivaling European and Asian firms that had been in existence for hundreds or thousands of years.
As we celebrate our 140th anniversary, Rookwood is focusing on the same pioneering efforts of its founder – creating home goods and building products that meet demand in the home and tile marketplaces. “Building on our legacy and making it new again,” explains chief executive officer Micah Carroll. Utilizing its iconic glaze lines and handcrafted expertise, Rookwood artists have created a broad range of new products that are both timeless and trendsetting. Bridging the past and future, Carroll says, provides an opportunity to “stay true to Rookwood’s innovative core, both building on the past and looking to what might be next as consumers search for ways to implement everyday luxury into their lives.” 

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