Robbie Lobell

Robbie is a self-taught studio potter and spent 13 years working on the east coast where she completed intensive study with Mikhail Zakin in 1994 and a six-week residency with Karen Karnes in 2001 where she was given the flameware clay body. Lobell was on the faculty at the Worcester Center for Crafts in Massachusetts for 10 years. Robbie Lobell’s work is exhibited in group and solo shows, and sold in galleries & gourmet food shops nationwide. Her pots reside in kitchens, on tables, and in cupboards across the nation. Lobell’s work has been featured in Ceramics Monthly Magazine (December 2008), the Lark Books publication 500 Vases, the Krause Publications, The Art of Contemporary American Pottery, the Chronicle Books publication, Ceramics Bible, and The Studio Potter magazine (Summer 2008). She is a member of NCECA, The Artist Trust, The Studio Potter, The American Ceramic Society, and Washington Potter’s Association. Robbie teaches classes and workshops in her studio on Whidbey Island, around the country, and most recently in Italy.