Rhian Malin

Rhian Malin

Inspired by her Grandmother’s Willow Pattern collection, Rhian Malin continues the long historic tradition of hand-painting porcelain with cobalt-blue decoration. Her elegant wheel-thrown porcelain vessels are the chosen surface, created to stretch this tradition into the 21st Century.

Taking a mathematical approach to applying each geometric design, each vessel is painstakingly divided up and mapped out by eye to highlight their tapering forms, resulting in a contemporary take on the much loved, and often nostalgic, combination of blue and white.

Rhian now works from her studio on the Alscot Estate in Atherstone-on-Stour, Warwickshire.

Having previously won support from the Crafts Council UK through their prestigious Hothouse Programme in 2016, she has since gone on to be awarded: Selected Member of the Craft Potters Association (2021) Highly Commended Newcomer Award at Ceramic Art London (2018), 'Best Ceramics' at the Contemporary Craft Festival (2017), 'Best New Business' at The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Festival (2017) & Winner of Bils & Rye Emerging Potters Exhibition (2016).

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