Rebecca Roberts

Every day I am amazed to find that after over thirty years, clay continues to challenge me and teach me about itself, but more importantly about myself. My love of the handbuilding process continues to thrive. I make functional tableware and pieces that are more sculptural. The dance back and forth between the two types of work keeps my interest in both alive. Nature and my life’s process are sources of ideas and inspiration. I will always love “the bowl” and my recent dialog with clay has led me to focus on it again, not as a strictly functional object, but as the concept of universal container and symbol of nurture. It’s the process more than the resulting object that I love best. Marks of this process are always evident in my pieces so that in a way each piece tells the story of its creation. I have maintained a working studio in Austin for 21 years. My work is available in galleries, at art shows and from my studio.