Paul Dresang

"I make ceramic sculpture and functional pots. Each type of work informs the other in many ways. The practice and skill development from making pots supports more accuracy when assessing the details of forms – be they "simple" cup or trompe L'oeil sculpture. The careful consideration of balance, volume, profile, skin, tension, rhythms of light and shadow, scrutinized in the sculptural work hones these same sensibilities of the potter. We both make sculpture. Some of it holds soup or conveys coffee to the lips, and these are no less engendered of aesthetic concerns. Ceramic sculpture may function to convey a complex narrative, political point of view, or some social agenda. A sculpture may help to inform you about your political leaders robbing you, and a bowl may help you eat while you weep. Though both forms of work develop from training, planning and intuition, the "multiples" nature of pot making allows for a flow of intuition through a series of objects. Training and intuition with sculptural work evolves from a series as well but it is centered in sorting or analysis within the object (sculpture).