Nitza Walesca

The artist, Nitza Walesca, creates innovative vessels based on traditional forms and adorns them with Taino symbols. Her indigenous Puerto Rican, Taino heritage serves as a strong inspiration. Nitza was introduced to ceramic art by her high school art teacher, and then continued her education through The Clay Studio. She is now a Claymobile Teaching Artist and Community Engagement Assistant at The Clay Studio, as well as a resident of our new neighborhood, South Kensington.

Nitza Rosario is a self-taught Caribeña ceramic artist born in the Bronx and raised in North Philadelphia. Nitza is from la Isla del Encanto, Puerto Rico, and her practice has allowed her to rekindle a sense of deep and meaningful ancestral connection. Her work draws from Taino and African influences, and the understanding of the centuries of ceramic history that exists in these cultures. Her mother is an inspiration as well, she is a well-known culturalist, and Nitza has early memories of playing with homemade playdough at home, a combination of flour, salt, and cornstarch. This love of ceramics grew in middle school when Nitza was chosen for a pottery arts course.

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