Lucy Dierks

In 1997, when I took my first course in ceramics, I rediscovered my love for Asian Art and pottery. Japanese ikebana containers, Oribe dishes, and the Chinese ware of the Tang and Song Dynasties have been tremendous sources of inspiration and influence for me. My pieces express my delight with nature and, like nature, I want them to reflect a harmony of form, surface and purpose. I strive to make small intimate pieces whose design and texture invite you to hold them. There is something about birds that speaks to me. The contradictory aspects of their bodies intrigue me. I find the exquisite detail of their claws and the patterning of their feathers very satisfying. I perch them on my containers to encourage contemplation and conversation. Currently I work solely in porcelain and mix my own glazes. I am fascinated with creating surfaces that mimic nature such as lichen, stones, or tree bark. Many of my pieces are designed as flower containers and are intended to reflect and compliment the natural environment they inhabit.