Liza Riddle

My minimalist sculptures evoke fire, desiccation and desertification, and ultimately, the transformation of landscapes, whether from natural or human causes. In my most recent series, Tracing Time, I explore these concepts using simple geometric forms: spheres, hemispheres, cubes, and wedges. These are defining shapes in our world, including everything from soap bubbles to the stars above us to pyramids and geodesic domes.
My works are quiet, but resonate with contained energy and evoke a sense of power; they might have been charred by fire or cracked by drought. I draw from my academic background in science and art to create my work, using natural phenomena to create a cracked surface, and my own mixtures of water soluble metals for coloration. My work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including the prestigious NCECA competition in the United States, and the 11th International Ceramics Competition in Mino, Japan.

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