Linda Huey

I love all the many possibilities of what clay can do. During my career I have made everything from fun small pins to a serious large room-size sculptural installation. I started out as a functional potter. Then, I ran a successful wholesale pin business that gave me time to make sculpture. After receiving an MFA from Alfred University, I created "Dark Garden," a large installation that has been shown in several museums and other venues.

I have made pottery forms that celebrate growth and abundance in nature. My sculpture has investigated the problematic influences of our culture on the environment. After a break from working during the pandemic, a new style of pottery has emerged that involves surface design, reminiscent of the work I did many years ago. With studios in rural Alfred, NY and Boston MA, I continue to make functional and sculptural work as well as small fun sellable items. Everything is one-of-a-kind and built by hand or wheel thrown. I especially enjoy meeting customers while doing open studio events with this variety of work.

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