Linda Gossett

My art spans from pure ornamentation to talisman-like fetish objects. Making art for me is part play, part extreme control. My current body of work consists of a collection of porcelain assemblages. These objects, mostly personal in scale, have been crafted of parts cast from a curious cache of found plaster molds. For these ‘objets d’ art’ I appropriate selections from mundane, anonymously sculpted tchotchkes and figurines and rearrange them into something that in it’s parts is familiar, yet modified into a new context. Not to dismiss the fact that I very carefully and meticulously construct these works of art, I will admit that they are Surrealist in nature as I allow my choices to be automatic and based firstly on whether or not the parts align, untainted by rationalism. There is absurdity and bizarreness to these seamless amalgams. What is the interplay between objects and people? I leave that up to the viewer to decide but I offer my art as a springboard for the imagination.