Kelly Justice

My work begins as a collage, parts and pieces of found objects compiled together. I am constantly on the look-out for alluring shapes, patterns and textures for potential use: vintage glassware from thrift stores, old light fixtures from architectural salvage shops, plastic food canisters, silicone mats for rolling out cake fondant. Through the processes of mold-making and slipcasting, I alter these objects and compose them into new forms. I use a combination of intensely colored porcelains and glazes to activate the forms, superimposing patterns over textures, and contrasting glossy surfaces with sensually smooth matte finishes. The surface imagery (floral motifs, sunbursts, geometric and radial designs) in bright pops of color, paired with the symmetry of the forms, serves to elicit a sense of lightheartedness and play, abundance and multiplicity. I create vibrant wares that are not only functional but exist as statement pieces in the home. Confident and assertive, these pieces brighten your living space and add a bit of joy each time they are used.