Kelli Sinner

Touching clay is about exploiting a moment that is soft, malleable, and full of potential. Touch reflects the thrill of living and the connectedness of the body with the mind. Completed ceramic forms become artifacts of contemporary society and a physical embodiment of time.
My art practice is diverse, and the materials and techniques I employ are project based. While clay is my primary medium, I also make paper, and create mixed media, interactive and utilitarian forms. The commonality of my work is that each piece is one of a kind. Every object I make represents an opportunity to solve a new problem, whether that problems is one of content, design, utility, or technique.
I take great pleasure in the freedom I am afforded by my choice to be an artist, and I want to take full advantage of that privilege through the variety of forms I construct. Because handmade objects are hopelessly inefficient to produce, I focus on the joy that comes from making work and challenging the status quo. The result is a quirky rawness that delights in being handmade, while still serving as a reflection of contemporary society.