Josh DeWeese

I am inspired and challenged by the art of pottery and strive to make work that is successful on multiple levels. I want my pots to be well designed and comfortable to use; to be rich with ceramic wonder, and seductive to behold; and to have reference to history and the field of ceramic art to spark the imagination. I’m drawn to the beauty and mystery of high temperature ceramics and the element of chance that occurs in the firing, in the subtle qualities of raw clays and the vibrant depths of a transparent glaze. I have a passion for painting with ceramic materials on a three-dimensional form, and having the rhythm of the pattern unfold as it moves around the pot. I enjoy the phenomenon of the melt and the quality of color and depth that develops through the glaze. The loss of control is important, blurring the initial pattern made with the hand. The viscosity, depth, and movement of the glaze are important elements in the final surface. Perhaps pottery’s greatest power lies in its association with the human body. The language of pottery is the language of the body, with necks and feet, bellies and shoulders, and lips to touch our lips. The intimate relationship that develops with use strengthens this association. A personality develops, and the pots become our friends. In this friendship they become reflections of our humanness, and help give meaning to our lives.