Joan Bruneau

The objects in my home, including my pottery collection, fulfill their ergonomic promise as much as they perform as meaningful objects of beauty when at rest on display. The potent thing about "use" or "function" is that it's life affirming, fosters presence of mind and connects us to others. Cooking, presenting and sharing a meal, foraging and arranging a bouquet are simple yet deeply satisfying rituals that bolster our humanity. My intent as a studio potter is to engage the viewer to interact with my pots by way of their sensual forms and lush patterned surfaces. The pots function as decorative objects to be activated through use. Interaction with the viewer/user completes their aesthetic potential as they contain, deliver or present food and flowers. Preparing and presenting an inspired meal or arranging flowers in a specific container, affirms our connection to identity, while elevating domestic rituals from banal to beautiful.