Jim Koudelka

Man Cans and Boy Toys 2” is my newest body of work. As the title implies these vessel sculptures are a combination of adult and childlike sensibilities manifested through visual, ceramic and mixed media elements. These pieces are a further extension of my former industrial/ mechanical interests merged with new influences from my interactions and observations with our little boy “Jasper James”. Being immersed in parenting and playing with him has affected what I am currently creating. These pieces have elements extracted and interpreted from industrial, agricultural, and nautical containers and objects that I as an adult male have been attracted to, but also new elements from my boys’ toys, which have now permeated my life and space. Primary colors, bold patterns, graphics, stacked shapes and simple interactive devices are now present in both his and my visual and mental worlds. My sculptures are my new “Big Boy Toys”. I hope that they simultaneously convey an adult sophistication along with some childish whimsy.