Jillian Cooper

I started taking ceramics as an elective while I was a graduate student studying Metalsmithing and Jewelry at Texas Tech University. Eventually, ceramics became my secondary emphasis and all of my jewelry work was made of at least 50% ceramic material. I completed my MFA for Metalsmithing and Jewelry and then was able to go on and receive my MFA in Ceramics as well. After graduating in 2015, I got the job as Ceramics Lab Coordinator for Collin College in Plano, where I currently work and teach an evening ceramics class. I make handmade functional ceramics. I most enjoy making cups and mugs, because I feel like they are the most commonly used everyday ceramics. I often use lace, stitches and plaid patterning in my work. I’m most proud of being able to create small pieces of art that are able to be used every day. I pay close attention to the details and how the patterns work with the form and function of the piece. Everything is one of a kind, nothing is made in duplicate. There may be similar pieces, but no two are ever identical.