Jae Yong Kim

Jae Yong Kim started to create doughnut works in 2008, while going through a period of depression. During that time, he questioned what made him happy and redefined the happiness of his life.
When he started to create a series of doughnuts, he made a connection to the choir singing in harmony at the Brooklyn Tabernacle Church. Looking at the choir singing beautifully together, he wanted to create doughnuts that were just as colorful and unique. He wishes that people can see each one’s beauty within the diverse world.
As an artist and a professor, he hopes more people can enjoy and understand the value of art and the importance of culture. As an artist, Jae Yong Kim has been living with a motto, ”You are the light of the world”. He believes creating work that gives joy to people is one of the ways to be the light of the world.

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