George Rodriguez

George Rodriguez

My work blends my interest in human psychology, community and love for decoration and embellishment. I love to see people smile and thestories I build make that possible.

I enjoy the art in folk and craft objects. I use traditional and iconic imagery/forms to make my work feel familiar. Through the narratives I choose, I bring whimsical, serious and approachable aspects into my work. I realize that even when the content is heavy it can still be made accessible. This accessibility manifests itself through humor, decoration and homage to historical traditions.

I love decoration! I enjoy how heavy decoration can seem parasitic yet it beckons to be adored and looked at. Decoration adds a layer of stimulation to an object. It’s intended to give pleasure. The more intently you look, the more rewarding it will be.

Community is a strong force that influences my artwork and life. I value the communities that I have formed and am continuing to expand on. My artwork aims to bring people closer and act as markers for people to congregate around. Larger pieces are a community experience because they quickly evolve into a project of lifting, moving, loading, cursing and celebrating because of the assistance I require to create them. Friends are important and a strong community is key.

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