Donovan Palmquist

My current work in clay is focused on one-of-a-kind functional pieces fired in wood and soda kilns. My work is influenced by the long history of pottery traditions, from British and Japanese folk pottery to primitive Iranian pots, as well as by fabricated metal pouring pots such as oil cans, tin teapots and watering cans. I strive for simplicity and clarity, with a minimum of embellishment. The majority of my work is thrown on the wheel and then stretched, altered, cut and assembled into new shapes. I work slowly and usually in a series, arranging parts, varying proportions and making subtle changes in each firing cycle of pots, always trying to introduce something new. Through this process and search for defining form, I try to develop pieces that are not only functional for food, but which also have the potential to enrich the routines of our home environment and bring beauty to our daily lives.