Delvin Goode

I have always dabbled in various forms of art but fell in love with pottery when I took a ceramic wheel throwing elective during my undergrad studies. I ABOSLUTELY SUCKED AT IT, HAHA! It was the first medium I ever tried but was not in the top tier of the class, in fact I was the worst. I put a lot of time in the studio, so much time, trying to get better and was eventually asked to teach a beginner’s course. Once I started teaching, I knew ceramics would forever be a part of my life.

The most intimate art forms to me are functional ceramic pieces. The ability to make something with your hands and use it during day-to-day life is very intriguing. I mainly create small batch series of mugs, bowls, and plates all beginning on the potter’s wheel. I want people to use each piece, stain it, chip it, because the art is completed when fond memories are attached to the object through its use. My work is intended to put smiles on people’s faces and the graphics I add to my work are purposed for that. I strive to always insert joy into the world through my art and I am always looking for ways keep that good going.