David Pinto

My life in clay began more than 30 years ago at high school in England when I fell in love with the materials feel, versatility and primal transformation through fire. Learning how to build cups and bowls became an invitation to explore the sculptural potential of utilitarian objects. My Industrial Design training at RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) and my Product Design work in New York City after graduating refined my sensitivity to line, volume and form. My passion became my profession with a move home to Jamaica in 1992 and the opening of my studio at Good Hope in Trelawny. Work almost always develops in a series, where a conversation can unfold from piece to piece. Both my Pinto Pottery artist series and Jamaica Clay functional pottery benefit from returning to familiar forms and interpreting them anew. My studio sits by the Martha Brae River, surrounded by think stands of bamboo and partially restored 17th century buildings that house my studio, gallery and other buildings and dwellings that make up the Good Hope Estate.  Coming to the studio allows you to see my latest work in sculpture as well as functional pieces. The trip to Trelawny is a treat. We like to think that our part of the island has country hospitality figured out.