Daniel Pfohl

I first found clay in high school when a friend Katie (now my wife) invited me to an open studio day after school . I quickly fell in love with the material and the girl and started on a journey that continues today. I received my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Ceramics from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2018 with Jane Shellenbarger and Peter Pincus. I was blessed to have been able to attend school with such renowned artists. There was great energy in the studio among my peers and a healthy level of competition that drove us to work harder.

After receiving my BFA I wanted to continue my studies in ceramics, but I had one more year to spend in Rochester. My wife was also in school at the time and I decided to study Art Education at RIT. I received my MST in 2019 and recently finished all the certification requirements to become a certified teacher in New York State. I had established a connection with Simon Levin, an artist in Pawnee, Il, during my time in undergraduate and I applied to his apprenticeship program. I was accepted and planned a starting date in August of 2019. Katie and I have been living in Springfield, Il for about a year now, and I have learned a great deal about making pottery, building kilns, firing wood kilns, and social managing social media.

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