Brian Chen

Apprentice for Simon Levin• Feb. 2019 - Current

Pawnee, Illinois

Learned the ins and outs for loading, unloading, and firing a full anagama kiln and train kiln under the guidance of Simon. Developed authentic forms and aesthetics that felt personal and clear. Practiced fun and productive creativity for idea flow. Learned how to run a pottery practically and online. Designed a couple kilns while being able to discuss pros/cons of different styles with Simon.

Colorado College Annual Arts and Crafts Sale • 2015-2019

Colorado College in Colorado Springs

As a student, sales aren't a thing that I get to experience much. This annual sale has let me get comfortable with talking about and selling my work within a community that I am comfortable with. Participating for 5 years has also allowed me to track my progress which has helped boost my confidence.

Anatomy of a Pot Workshop• 2019

Bemis School Art in Colorado Springs

Taught a two day (8 hour) workshop that allowed students to get a glimpse into the questions that I ask myself when I make pots. These questions are the same questions that Simon asks me when I make and has helped me become more constructively critical of my work. They have helped me push my work to be more clear and authentic. Teaching the workshop helped me verbalize what I have learned which was not only helpful for my students but for me as well as it was the first workshop I taught.

Workshops with Matt Kelleher and Tom/Maggie Jaszczak • 2018

Penland School of Crafts

Understood and practiced open minded learning, promoting exploration and trying new ideas. Learned low fire soda firing as well as surface design techniques. Learned about community spaces and how to create an environment to bolster self-motivated artists. Developed a better understanding of why artists created which helped put my mind at ease to clear my mind so that I could create as well