Annemeik Hamelink

Animals, nature and their little and big surprises inspire me most, closely followed by fantasy, (local) crafts and folklore. I love reading, the smell of thunderstorms, fresh grass and home baked cookies.
In 2012 I returned to my home turf, Zeeland, the Netherlands, after living in Belgium and Ireland for nearly 20 years. I was born and raised amidst orchards and fields. I always loved the time when my dad would burn the pruned branches. It triggered my fascination for fire – I’d be getting as close to it as possible. Nowadays I still play with fire, to shape my creations in porcelain, glass and silver.
I studied industrial design in Antwerp, I have always felt the need to create. I learned to work with glass, wood, silver and clay in different evening classes which I followed over the years. My time in Ireland brought me a love for handmade ceramics and when I discovered porcelain clay, I realised I had found my passion. Soon I developped a unique style, which comes from deep inside, I work very intuitely. I also love being triggered by stories for custom pieces, it is a joy to create such personal items.

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